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Comes in three colours

Xperia Z5 Review

Announced on the 7th January 2013 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Xperia Z takes pride of place as Sony’s flagship smartphone. Sporting one of the largest screens on a mobile phone to date, unique features include being able to withstand submersion in one metre of fresh water for up to 30 minutes, as well as a shatter proof, glass-fibre polyamide construction.

The Sony Xperia Z was released in the UK on the 28th February, and is available via pay monthly contract plans with a free handset. The phone is available on the O2, Three, Vodafone, and tri-headed Orange / T-Mobile / EE networks. It was released in Japan on 9th February. The Z is currently competing in the high-end smartphone niche, with its main rivals being the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and HTC One.

The Deals


Personally I have always liked Sony designed products – sleek, dark and understated in nature with a touch of class. Thankfully the Sony Xperia Z is no exception. Rounded corners flow into graceful edges along its smooth and reflective casing. The large 5 inch screen laps right up to the edge of the body, giving it the feel of a truly high-end device. It’s also a very thin phone at 7.9mm. For comparison, this is a whisker thicker than the iPhone 5 at 0.3mm thicker, but a fair bit thinner than the Galaxy S3, being 0.7mm thinner.


Sleek and elegant

The Z is designed with “OmniBalance Design” in mind. Apparently this means to balance design with technology, fusing stellar functionality with beautiful looks. And who are we to argue with that. The Z will come in three colours at launch – black, white and purple.


Specs are where this phone really stands out from the crowd. On paper, they look superb and really set the bar high for the next generation of smartphones. Along with a shiny new 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, the Z comes with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, along with a slot for a 32GB microSD card.

Looking at the camera, we find a very nice 13 megapixel snapper with Exmor RS sensor and High Dynamic Range imaging (a world first for a smart phone). The camera can shoot video at 1080p, take panoramic snaps and has face detection, much in common with many high-end smartphones. In burst mode it is able to take 999 picture in just 68 seconds.

The phone itself is a rather svelte 7.9mm in thickness and weighs in at 146g. Its 5 inch, 1080p screen with an eye-watering 441 pixels per square inch really is something to behold. Its screen is bigger when compared with Galaxy S3’s 4.8 incher, only bowing to the Galaxy Note 2’s 5.5 inches.


Landscaping an Xperia Z

Connectivity-wise we have on-board NFC (near field communication). This lends itself well to current NFC applications such as Android Beam, as well as future applications like pay-by-phone.

No current high-end smartphone would be complete without 4G compatibility for use on the current crop of 4G enabled networks; great for watching YouTube vid’s and near instant browsing on the go. For those networks that won’t be offering this phone on 4G, the Z is also compatible with the latest 3G standard, HSDPA, offering a 4G-like download rate of 42Mbps. Also present are the usual connectivity suspects such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The phone is DNLA compliant – which is great for hooking it up to the TV.

The Z runs Android 4.1 Jellybean out-of-the box. Sony has confirmed that they are currently working on an upgrade path to Android 4.2, so expect this soon.

Let’s Be Unique

The Xperia Z5 has more unique features than you could shake a stick at. Perhaps the main head-turner is its waterproof credentials – it’s submergible in up to 1 metre of water for half an hour. Forget mere splash-proof phones; there are reports that this phone can actually shoot video and take pictures underwater! And never again will you have to worry about dropping your phone down the loo! Retrieving it on the other hand might be a different story.


As to why you would want to do this we’re not sure?

As well as being waterproof, the Sony Xperia Z is a bit of a tough nut. Its body is made from a glass-fibre polyamide, which is the same type of material used in cars as a lightweight metal substitute. It’s also dust-proof, with caps covering any external ports, and has anti-shatter film on both sides.

Then there’s battery stamina mode – Sony’s best effort to help preserve your precious battery life. Much like dedicated apps such as Juice Defender, Sony’s software is designed to reduce power consumption during standby by switching off data connections and the like. It’s a good thing to have this type of functionality built into a handset as not everyone knows about apps such as Juice Defender, and are often disappointed when their top end smartphone doesn’t last even a day.

The Z is also PlayStation certified, sporting an Adreno 320 GPU, and comes with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 – enhancements that beautify video playback much in the same way as the BRAVIA® Engine does in Sony’s range of TV’s.

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